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Taco or Beer Challenge

Hey there. Thanks for taking the #tacoorbeerchallenge! We appreciate your support making reproductive rights a reality. If you took a picture of yourself, make sure to send it in to the Taco or Beer Challenge Tumblr, and tag us on Instagram @teafund or Twitter @teafund!


Left: Adrienne eats tacos for TEA! Upper right: Tacos for TEA from Brian in AZ! Lower right: Feel the love for TEA from NYC!

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  • Southwestern Women's Surgery Center Taco or Beer Challenge
  • Amanda Andruskiewicz
  • Ariel Newman
  • Rachel Grillenbeck
  • Brandi Mcduff
  • Adrienne Ortega
  • Alexa Garcia-Ditta
  • Allison Marcin
  • Stephanie Dailey
  • Katrina Shawgo
  • Caitlin Lyle
  • Veronica Bayetti Flores
  • Holly Cooper
  • Linda Magid
  • Adorably Tiny Hat
  • Tauni Kent
  • Amanda Andruskiewicz
  • Robin Chancellor
    I just took the #tacoorbeerchallenge!
  • Robin Chancellor
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  • Brendan Adkins
  • Calla Hales
  • Mary, Queen of Scotch 🥃
  • Holly Cooper
  • Ann Dunnewold
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  • Kelly Wilkinson
    I just took the #tacoorbeerchallenge!
  • Kelly Wilkinson
  • Lindsay Rodriguez
  • Rebecca Gorena